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Glasses-Kun’s Recent Life+Short HnG Episode 3 Rambling+ Sayonara to HnG Manga Translation

What’s up guys? It’s G-kun here~

Recent Life

Recently, my youtube music playlist has been jammed with Haikyuu OSTs. I feel that listening to them help me sharpen my senses and improving my performing ability. During eating, coding(Python and R+),studying AP Calculus, translating, exercising, and sleeping. Now only if I can listen to them while swimming…It feel like I can hear the music in my head, even when I don’t have any electronic device around me. Oh my…


HnG Episode 2 Thoughts: The Deviation From the Original Source And The Relief of Having Translated Kashii Arc

Hey guys, this is Glasses-kun here.

Before I decided to translate Hajimete No Gal manga from Chapter 31 myself due to the slow update, there was one thought that prevented me from taking the step immediately.

It was the news of anime adaptation. (more…)

HnG First Episode Rambling. From The Translator’s view.

Me: It kinda feels somewhat fulfilling to see an anime of the manga series, for which I’ve translated about seven important chapters (an entire Kashii arc). I guess this is also one of the perks of being a translator; you get to develop a closer with relationship with the ‘artwork’. I can’t imagine the happiness of the manga’s author/artist Ueno, Meguru san. With this line of thought, I checked out the first episode of HnG.

*Literally, in less than a second, a panty shot appears on my screen*

Glasses: “The studio knows what it’s doing. They have retained the original source’s refined charm that only the chosen ones can fully savor.”



Voting time for Top 5 Shows of Spring 2017

So I watched the final episodes of Little Witch Academia, Alice to Zouroku and Eromanga-Sensei all at once….the combination of emptiness and the ‘feels’ is pretty tough to beat, this time. Well, that aside, let’s vote for top 5 shows of summer 2017. I took out Shingeki no Kyojin and Boku no Hero Academia, because let’s be honest….we all know they will be in top 5 obviously for good reasons.

So what were your top 5 shows of this season? (more…)

Hajimete No Gal Ch34 Part 1 (Eng T.)

I remember the good old days when I used to think Kashii was the best girl in this series……I still do now, but for a different reason. I guess I have a loose screw somewhere

For the last few pages of the Ch33. part 2, I accidentally uploaded the incomplete version, in which the text was not in its appropriate font size. Besides that, there is not much difference. Nevertheless, sorry and thank you to the dear readers who still read through those pages. They have been updated to their correct version now.

Once again, special thanks to those who have kindly expressed support through MAL, twitter and this blog’s comment section. If it weren’t for these people, I probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue. Even if it were Kaishii san. Thank you to my anon senpai, Anon#2, ignacio, zer0, skipdictator, chibishiroiryu and SpaM.

Let’s get back to gyaru


Boku No Hero Academia S2: What to expect from The Hero Killer Arc

Last week, the tournament arc ended, and many fans were sad to say goodbye to our good old shounen arc. But those who read the manga ahead knew better.

It was time for Stain, the hero killer. Hype! HYpe! HYPe! HYPE !

While it is still questionable whether the upcoming arc can maintain or perhaps even elevate the hype of the series, we manga readers can agree that it’s still going to be a pretty cool arc. It will play a crucial role in introducing a rather interesting viewpoint of perceiving heroes, developing the portrayal of villains and leading to the future arcs. And here is why: