HnG Episode 2 Thoughts: The Deviation From the Original Source And The Relief of Having Translated Kashii Arc

Hey guys, this is Glasses-kun here.

Before I decided to translate Hajimete No Gal manga from Chapter 31 myself due to the slow update, there was one thought that prevented me from taking the step immediately.

It was the news of anime adaptation. (more…)


Alice to Zouroku: The Underdog of 2017 Spring

If there is one thing that I am upset about with this anime season, it is that not much attention was paid to a show named Alice to Zouroku. Frankly, it was not that surprising, considering the high number of this season’s dominant shows such as Shingeki no Kyojin S2, Eromanga-sensei, and Boku no Hero Academia S2. Moreover, Alice to Zouroku came across as a simple loli-bait show; in this area of interest, it was already beaten by Eromanga-sensei. As a result, this show went unnoticed by many during this ending season.

What happened to Alice to Zouroku is basically another repetition of the past tragedy with Demi chan wa Kataritai (Interview with the demi-girls) from the previous season. An another interesting underdog that many senpais worldwide did not take notice of. (more…)

Saekano Season 2: It’s incomparably better than S1

Just finished the second of the Saekano, and wow….I didn’t expect it to be such a roller coaster of emotions, especially in comparison to the first season. I knew that the first season was basically setting up the plot for the second season, but the boost in quality for character development was just…just…just…tremendous…


Dissection of Re:Creators

There are several shows this season that were already popular before they even started: Attack on Titan S2, Boku no Hero Academia S2, Ero Manga Sensei, Boruto, and Saekano S2 . Although it might not be equally popular, Re:Creators is an anime that got detected on numerous viewer’s radars after the season began. So let’s get to it and dissect this show. (more…)