Glasses-Kun’s Recent Life+Short HnG Episode 3 Rambling+ Sayonara to HnG Manga Translation

What’s up guys? It’s G-kun here~

Recent Life

Recently, my youtube music playlist has been jammed with Haikyuu OSTs. I feel that listening to them help me sharpen my senses and improving my performing ability. During eating, coding(Python and R+),studying AP Calculus, translating, exercising, and sleeping. Now only if I can listen to them while swimming…It feel like I can hear the music in my head, even when I don’t have any electronic device around me. Oh my…


The Reality of Manga Websites That Only Translators Can Really See

Glasses: “Just a short intermission between HnG Ch37 pt.2 and pt.3. This is because the human I am wearing keeps messing up this one particular page when cleaning the speech bubbles. While erasing texts on this one beautiful page, he keeps accidentally erasing Junichi’s hair too….”

*Edit: I was meant to post this before Pt.3 but my glasses and I fucked up. Welp

Me: Well, that too. But also because I wanted to share some information regarding the manga websites that we all tend to use. Some interesting information that you might not have been aware of. (more…)

HnG Ch37 (Eng T.) Pt.3

Glasses: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand finale of HnG Ch37!

We’ve come so far~”

*The glasses gets lit on fire*


Me: I am guessing the anime adaptation will end on this chapter. On the other hand, the manga is still ongoing, and the volume 4 is confirmed. Hence, the raws will be out….in the future. I am not too sure about the specific date. I will most likely start translating this series again, when the raws are out. Until then, I will prob independently translate some chapters for Okusama ga Seito Kaichou and Busou shoujo; at the same time, with Mangazuki, I will prob translate Minamoto-kun and Prison lab. Yep, that’s about all. I might add a series or two more for my translation projects, as time passes. And also, sorry about the late release of pt.3. Lots of unexpected shits were assaulting me, and I was pretty down. But thanks to someone (I am sure you know who you are), I was able to recover to a certain extent and your act of kindness is greatly appreciated. I promised the person I would get this part released out by tonight in my timezone, and I kept my words~ Banzai~!

SO Let’s Get Back To Gyaru~! (more…)