Sushi Porn+Minamoto-Kun Monogatari Ch264 English Translation+ 5 cool WordPress Bloggers

 —Glasses-Kun watching a national service movie—

Soldier A: Hey, today, we are having our wedding night.

Me: …What?

Soldier B: A wedding night?

Soldier A: Yeah, we are having our personal weapons presentation. We need to treat our rifles like how we would treat our wives.

Me: Wow, I’m getting a waifu for the first time in real life….And it’s not even a human. Cheers. *Begins to brainstorm for a waifu-potential name*


How’s life everyone? This is Glasses-Kun, your translator. I’m done with translating Minamoto-Kun Ch264. Wohoo~! 2 chapters out in 2 days~! Pretty good speed, I think.

It truly helps to have an editor working with you. Special thanks to Kei, my editor. 

In my previous post, I said that I will be sharing

Nice, refreshing, weird, tragic things I got to see, receive and experience in the last 3 months as a translator in the scanlation community. 

However, before doing so, there were two things I wanted share first. However, the two topics are quite irrelevant from each other, so I hope for your understanding. Here we go!

1.Sushi Porn


Yes, Sushi Porn.

Yes. (more…)


A maid and a cop—Akihabara experience

Maid cafe has been an integral part of Japanese culture. For those who are not really familiar with it, a maid cafe is basically a subcategory of cosplay restaurants predominately seen in Japan. Customers go there and pay money to be treated as ‘masters’ by the waitresses who dress up and act as ‘maids’. I believed that—after having watched numerous animes, mangas and youtube videos of real-life maid cafe experience—I understood how strongly engraved this maid cafe is in Japanese culture.

Well, I recently toured Akihabara for a few days with my buddies, and the first night  taught me that I had underestimated the influence of maid cafes in Japan. (more…)