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HnG Ch40+HnG Ch41 Eng Translation Pt.1

 How’s life, everyone? If good, cheers.

If tough, well then…try to make time for your hobbies/things you enjoy (at least one hr) every week. That would help you lead a much happier lifestyle in the long-run. Doing so would also sustain or perhaps even improve your productivity at school, work or elsewhere. Overworking might make you feel self-satisfaction, but you should only do that in short-run (if possible, don’t). So please don’t beat yourself too much, and don’t forget to enjoy life. With that said, I will just leave some short, peaceful/beautiful music here(3 gatsu no lion OST). #Happiness

Speaking of happiness, I’m currently back in Korea—my home country—after my long journey in US (Pittsburgh and Chicago).


*The flight got delayed due to rain, and I had to wait several hours (cause I came early). I think I finished my translation work for HnG Ch40, Prison Lab Ch19, Real Account Ch65 (Real account is being done by Soda Scan and me now). During this period of time, my mother took a pic of me, so I just attached it above. Some parts of my body might be missing, but don’t mind that. (more…)

HnG EP4 Rambling: Kashii, Deviations once again, Pace and Kashii

*Note: This Episode Rambling will be longer than previous ramblings*

Remember that time when we all finished reading Chapter 37? We were in pretty good moods, and I’m pretty sure many of us were all like,”Banzai! Cheers! Now we know how the adaptation is going to end! Happy Ending for Junichi X Yame san!”

I was certain too. Sure, some changes might be inevitable, considering the length of the show (10 episodes long). And they happened. Just as we have all foreseen.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.23.16 AM.png

Except that the deviations were much more drastic than any of us could have possibly anticipated.

After having seen the extent of these deviations in the first three episodes, I was a bit worried about how the studio NAZ had handled the episode 4, which focuses on Kashii arc(A.K.A. Glasses-Kun’s Favorite Arc+Reason/Motivation for him to have spent hours to translate Ch31-37 on Photoshop). Just a tiny bit…yep, just a bit. It’s not like I don’t believe in Studio NAZ. I mean that studio did pretty good projects like….*checks and scrolls through its MAL page*…like…well, taste is subjective, so I won’t say anything. There is no such thing as a bad show, I daily tell myself. It’s just that some shows don’t pique our interests.

And seeing tweets like these certainly didn’t ameliorate the foreboding feeling I had at the back of my mind.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.49.03 PM.png

#Gratitude To My Twitter Followers For Warning Me…

Nevertheless, after several years of spending time with these mediums of storytelling (Manga/Anime) that are unfortunately seen with strong social prejudice, I came to learn that one should not rashly judge or make assumptions. So I prepared myself mentally and went in to battle field. To see the studio’s adaptation, decisions and depiction of Kashii. I read Aho Girl, and for those who are unfamiliar with the name, it basically means my mind is ready for any surprise or whatsoever.



Glasses-Kun’s Recent Life+Short HnG Episode 3 Rambling+ Sayonara to HnG Manga Translation

What’s up guys? It’s G-kun here~

Recent Life

Recently, my youtube music playlist has been jammed with Haikyuu OSTs. I feel that listening to them help me sharpen my senses and improving my performing ability. During eating, coding(Python and R+),studying AP Calculus, translating, exercising, and sleeping. Now only if I can listen to them while swimming…It feel like I can hear the music in my head, even when I don’t have any electronic device around me. Oh my…