About Glasses-Kun

Hello there, this is Glasses-kun here. 

Basic Info:

I am a casual Korean guy who translates mangas, hoping to spread happiness+fun. Currently, I collaborate with Mangazuki (Projects:Prison Lab, Tomodachi Game) and Soda Scan (Project: Real Account, Perfect Classroom). I independently handle Hajimete no Gal and Minamoto-kun Monogatari (Occassionally, I get some help from my buddies in different scanlation groups. Mainly Kei from Soda Scan). My other translation project (Busou shoujo Machiavellianism) is on an indefinite hiatus.

Motto: “Embrace despair. Despair is nothing but a stepping stone for hope.”


To be frank, I picked up translating mangas just for the sake of new experience; I was curious to see how it feels to be a  translator. I was honestly going to drop it after having translated 2-3 chapters of Hajimete No Gal (My First Translation Project). However, as time passed, so many interesting things happened during the journey that I came to enjoy translating. It’s extremely fulfilling to see people have fun, get excited, feel happy, get rid of their stress and thank me. With just 7 chapters of one eechi manga, I was able to make tens of thousand people worldwide happy…and I was like,” Wow….this feels awesome.” There is this pleasure of sacrificing oneself for an art that can make people happy; it feels noble and fulfilling. This is one of the main reasons why I enjoy translating. (My opinion regarding the vice and virue of scanlation is basically found here—the article itself and the comments. Disclaimer: It’s not my article though)


Also, translating mangas have helped me meet new people, undergo a myriad of interesting experiences, open my eyes to new things and grow/mature as a person; it will continue to do so, most likely. I will make reflections as a translator once in a while to keep a track of all the memorable experiences. If you are interested in checking them out, click on the ‘rambling’ in the category list.


Once in a while, I do get burnt out by the sheer amount of translation work to do (I hope for your understanding. I’m just one guy. Unlike other eminent translation teams, I do everything by myself. Finding raws, cleaning, translating, typesetting, etc..). So to replenish my motivation and prevent myself from collapsing, I do other stuffs. Like swimming/going to gyms, coding, socializing, searching for interesting culinary experiences and trying out new stuffs. If you have any recommendable activity, please suggest it to me as I usually enjoy doing new things. Exploring into unknown feels thrilling and refreshing.





There were many occasions, in which I wanted to stop blogging due to several rude/hating comments. I thought, “Why should I translate…when all I’m getting is disses from people who treat me as their servant?” If it weren’t for the kind support and understanding from many  of my dear readers, I would not have lasted this far. It is all thanks to you that I am here as who I am today. Thank you very much.


I personally think that these two are pretty interesting mediums of storytelling. It’s truly a shame that there is strong social prejudice against them; I do acknowledge that it is reasonable to a certain extent though.

Request for you 

I don’t mind you guys making perverted jokes in the comment section; however, Just don’t cross the line or go too far. And Let’s Have Respect for each other, regardless of one’s gender or race, and be polite. That’s all I will ask for.

I don’t mind you leaving constructive criticism or your opinion in the comment, but let’s try to be as friendly as possible. Happy Happy Happy.

Translation Request from you

If there is any series you want me to translate, feel free to ask me. Just check whether the original translation group dropped it first though. Also, because I am merely one human, I have my limitations. I won’t be able to guarantee you that I will be able to do it. I hope for your kind understanding and cooperation.


To the readers:

Thank you for stopping by at somebodymonologue, and I hope you enjoy your stay. It always warms my heart when someone new decides to follow it, likes one of my posts or comments. I find it fun to interact with other fans, so don’t hesitate to speak up and share your thoughts. Let’s just be respectful of each other. That’s pretty much all that my glasses and I can think about for now.


My contact:


How to support Glasses-kun?

Anything is greatly appreciated. Nothing beats that fulfilling feeling you get when you receive strong support from those you help in return. This was a monologue from Glasses-kun. Thank you for your valuable time and hope you have a nice day.




  1. Thanks for all the work you’ve been doing! but i’ve been trying to find chapter 38/39 what happened to them? i can’t find them anywhere 😦


    1. I actually only know how to translate Korean into English. For manga, I use the chapters that’ve been already translated into English. Koreans are rather speedy when it comes to scanlating mangas after all.


    1. Oh really? Haha, that’s cool! I will take that as an honor.

      Yeah, translating is pretty fun and fulfilling. Although…depending on a person, the overall experience might make him/her slightly cynical at first…But after that phase, it’s usually all G and fun.

      I’m guessing there are ups and downs too with cosplaying?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I currently have my hands full with the translation projects I already have, so I will have to decline your request for now. My apology and I hope for your kind understanding. I would recommend you relaying your request to either Mangazuki or UMR Scan. You would probably have a higher chance with these two than any other group.


  2. Je ne suis jamais allée à La Réunion mais mon oncle est RÃnniionua©s et ses plats son à tomber à al renverse de bonheur…je garde ta recette…il faut que je trouve du massalé!


  3. Hello,

    My name is Hatigarm of Hatigarm Scans, I would like your help to translate some manhuas we have/want to start, we recently lost our translator due to real life, we would gladly help out with any of your projects too, we can clean, typesetting, and the best part is that we have no schedules, I strongly hope you accept 🙇. We translate series such as “Marchen”, “TODG”, “Violent Path”, “Jiang Ye”, and etc.


      1. Hello Hatigarm,

        thank you very much for your offer. However, I am sorry to say that I will have to decline, at least for now, because I am neither familiar with nor keen on working for the series you guys are currently working on. If you guys later on pick up a project that is in my radar, I would love to lend you guys my helping hand then (if you are okay with that). Also, none of my Korean friends is into translating, so I am sorry to say that I can’t help with your request overall. I sincerely apologize and hope for your kind understanding on this matter.

        Liked by 2 people

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