1. Thank you so much, Sora. You are definitely one of the people who’ve been following my monologue for a long time, so thank you very much for your continued patronage. *Bows* Glad to see you liking many of my translation projects.


  1. I like to view people in life as a series of crossing and separating lines, sometimes magnetically attached to each other so they walk the same path, sometimes pulled apart by worldly forces invisible and unthinkable to them; lines of infinitely varying colors, tones, styles, patterns; lines within other lines, lines revolving around other lines like a helix, lines attached and bound forever.

    Each merge and separation is an irreversible effect – your colors and shapes are, unthinkingly, irrevocably tainted like a drop of ink in water. There is no fusion that leaves you untouched after; we each pull away little hints and fogs of each other upon separation, for the better or the worse.

    I have some friends that also have to do Korean NS, and I understand very acutely what it means for them and their lives; I can only hope that this event treats you the most fortunately and for godspeed down your path. But like how you’ve tainted us with your nonsense, I’m sure we’ve inscripted some memories that we hope you’ll be able to keep with you; and maybe, they might serve for something in the future.

    We all wish you the best of luck, and pray for you to stay strong against whatever comes your way; you know where you’ll find us, if you ever find yourself in need of something, and we all hope we’ll one day see you again.

    though we all know you’ll be back asap, because nobody can stay away from our cancer for long :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2: :ohoho2:

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    1. THAT QUIRKY LAUGH!?!? IS THAT YOU KIRIN!?!? Or is it an impostor…? Is it Sheeb? No….This feels like Kirin….But this feels like something Sheeb would write…….Oh god, why didn’t you leave your name behindddd?? However, I do admit this mysteriousness is kinda nice in its own way too. Whoever this is, I’m sure you are one of my nsfw squad baes, whom I truly cherish.

      Thank you very much for spending your valuable time to write such wonderful message. It really did touch my heart; I genuinely felt surprise+awe. This kind of farewell message was really unexpected, and wow….Thank you so much….The message was unique and creative; it was really good. I think a line called Glasses-Kun will intersect with your line sooner or later, as I will be able to come out in weekends after my first 3 weeks. In Singapore NS, not Korean NS 🙂

      I was pretty close to doing Korean NS, but stuffs happened and I will be doing NS in Singapore. If I chose to do Korean NS, I prob wouldn’t be able to come out in weekends at all….Heck, it would be 1yr+10months of training without my phone or mac…So cheers!

      Yeah, you are right. My body is already missing the toxicity of the nsfw channel…..Ahhhh *Glasses Trembles* Keep the channel alive for me, will you? Stay healthy and I hope you have a nice week ahead of you~

      *If this is Kirin, I love you bae. I will leave my bear gif in your care. Don’t let the bear roam around too much, yeah?


    1. I will be back. To that place full of toxic conv and cancer. I left a farewell gift for you there, Lubra. NSFW channel is one of the best things that happened to Soda Scan; please keep it alive. Love you bae


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