Sushi Porn+Minamoto-Kun Monogatari Ch264 English Translation+ 5 cool WordPress Bloggers

 —Glasses-Kun watching a national service movie—

Soldier A: Hey, today, we are having our wedding night.

Me: …What?

Soldier B: A wedding night?

Soldier A: Yeah, we are having our personal weapons presentation. We need to treat our rifles like how we would treat our wives.

Me: Wow, I’m getting a waifu for the first time in real life….And it’s not even a human. Cheers. *Begins to brainstorm for a waifu-potential name*


How’s life everyone? This is Glasses-Kun, your translator. I’m done with translating Minamoto-Kun Ch264. Wohoo~! 2 chapters out in 2 days~! Pretty good speed, I think.

It truly helps to have an editor working with you. Special thanks to Kei, my editor. 

In my previous post, I said that I will be sharing

Nice, refreshing, weird, tragic things I got to see, receive and experience in the last 3 months as a translator in the scanlation community. 

However, before doing so, there were two things I wanted share first. However, the two topics are quite irrelevant from each other, so I hope for your understanding. Here we go!

1.Sushi Porn


Yes, Sushi Porn.



Some of you might be confused. Glasses-Kun? You okay bro?

Did translation workload finally break you?

My answer:

Yes, I’m fine actually.  But it’s just that….sushi porn happened.



Proper Explanation:

If you read a series known as ‘Shokugeki no soma’, you would be pretty familiar with the expression ‘Food Porn/Orgasm’. It’s used to describe a situation, in which a person eats a certain dish and gets overwhelmed by its purely overwhelming deliciousness.

And such experience happened to me for the first time. Sushi porn happened. 


If you ever visit South Korea, I would highly recommend you to visit a restaurant named Sushi Sunsoo—A Michelin Guide Restaurant in Seoul.

Screen Shot 2012-09-22 at 오전 1.33.17-1.png

I’ve never tasted such excellent, splendid, miraculous, marvelous, astonishing(insert more synonyms) sushis in my life. If I were to describe my dining experience there in two words, I would express it as ‘Food Porn‘.


*How can a chawamushi be this bloody good? It is minimalism at its finest.

The dining felt so sensual that I felt it was inappropriate. In fact, I feel incompetent regarding my inability to encapsulate the beautiful taste of the meals there into words; I am not doing them any justice. I am aware of the irony in recommending a Japanese restaurant, when I’m talking about Korea….but it’s just so good. If I had to recommend a restaurant with my life on the line, I would no doubt choose this restaurant.

How Chefs were like:000-1



Then Me:



The price is quite high, but I can assure you. The quality will be definitely worth it. I’ve never smiled and laughed so much out of pure bliss while eating. 

Topic 2. 5 WordPress Bloggers I’ve been following: 

Now then, with the sushi porn out of the way, I want to talk about humans. No more fish. People time. #ProfessionalTopicTransition

I am going to be straight-forward and mention this first. I…I haven’t been really checking out many other wordpress bloggers. I know I probably should, but there are so many of them….So yeah. My social network among wordpress bloggers isn’t probably the strongest…but still, I would like to mention 5 cool bloggers I’ve met/interacted with.

  1. Izanaginookami ( I just call him Izanagi):

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 7.38.46 PM.png

I actually got to learn about Mr.Izanagi (I am refraining from saying Izanagi-san to avoid feeling weebish), when I was checking out a blogger named Mr. PATB.(I’m just going to abbreviate his name).

I was going through the blogs Mr.PATB follows, and there was one particular art design that caught my glasses’s attention. That was Izanagi’s profile pic…It was super sexy. Did he draw that? Man, it looks sexy…..Did I already mention how sexy it looks?

Anyway, at first, after reading his biography, I wondered whether he would be like one of those edgy lords who worship Hachiman from Oregairu.

Fortunately, he turned out to be a really chill guy, and his character was interesting. Go check his blog out and try talking to him on his blog or on his MAL if you have time. He’s pretty fun to hang out with; you will soon notice his persona is quirky in positive/refreshing way. It doesn’t feel forced.

Unfortunately, after he got burned out from making a post every day, he ceased his show reviews and became kind of inactive. However, occasionally, he does upload other stuffs though, so feel free to check his blog out. He is one of the most polite readers I know. Even though we don’t really talk much with each other anymore these days, it feels nice and heartwarming, knowing that he is somewhere out….reading and enjoying the Prison Lab chapters I am translating.

^our last interaction. Him expressing interest in my future translation project, Tomodachi Game and kindly expressing concern for the previous translator, who has gone silent/missing.

It’s also great to know that his tastes and mine are really similar. I mean…the moment I saw an obscure but brilliant series named ‘Onanie Master’ in his favorite list on MAL, I knew he would be such a bro material.

Speaking of a bro material, he doesn’t know this, but he actually played a large role in me continuing to do stuffs as a translator. His comments were always encouraging. Ladies out there, he’s a top-tier husbando material. Character-wise.


2. The Pantless Anime Blogger


Those, who’ve been following me for a while, would know that Mr.TPAB strongly influenced me in creating a blog. For those who are not sure why, please refer to the article here.  Hmm…for this part, I guess I will share stuffs I haven’t said before.

—When I began to properly blog in this June, I wrote an essay titled ‘Do Japanese Anime and Manga promote Pedophilia?’ It was my first post, and I was concerned that I might have tried to tackle a topic that might be too controversial. That’s why when I saw that the first comment(for the post and the blog itself) was from TPAB, I was experiencing what you would call a ‘Senpai noticed me’ moment.

—When I first started with Dreamer, I had zero intention of becoming a translator. It was only after I wrote a few show reviews when I realized that writing reviews….wasn’t my cup of tea. I felt like I was an inferior version of TPAB or a TPAB wanna-be. In terms of both quantity and quality. It seems I didn’t enjoy dissecting/analzying the shows I watch as much as I thought I would have. Still, TPAB’s crazy commitment to writing 1000 show reviews is what piqued interest in blogging. And that’s how I, someway or another, ended up becoming a translator. So…Thank you.

3. Kyakka:

Those, who actually bothered to check the previously mentioned post, would know I had another figure who influenced in me starting a blog….and becoming a translator. He is a man named ‘Exorcism’, who translated a series known a ‘My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected’. A.K.A. Oregairu.

Well, I will just post a screenshot of our first and last conversation below

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.10.20 PM.png

….Yeah. That’s all. Well, I was able to properly express my gratitude at least once, so no regret. I wonder how Watari Wataru, the author of oregairu series, would respond, if I ever get to send a letter of admiration to him in Japanese…….

Exorcism probably thought I was one of those annoying readers who are going to pester him and ask him to translate the latest volume of Oregairu light novel. So I can kind of understand his response. Whereas, if I never tried becoming a translator, I would have probably gotten salty/disappointed in his *succinct* answer.

Positive mindset is a key to life, everyone.

4. Shokamoka:

Screen Shot 2017-09-25 at 8.04.02 PM.png

Speaking of a positive mindset, Shokamoka is a pretty cool blogger.

I usually cal him Saekano powerhouse for fun, but it’s also true. He’s a chill guy so do check out his blog if you ever feel bored.




She’s a cosplayer. If you want to see her cosplays, feel free to check her site by clicking on her name above. I like some of her cosplays; she seems like a chill person. She’s the only wordpress blogger I know who cosplays, so….that’s cool. There are some cringy cosplayers out there, but Rose is fortunately not one of them. Well, our opinions might differ though. So yeah, go check her site out and maybe follow her on twitter. She tweets random stuffs fyi.


Minamoto Ch264:

Now then, let’s get back to the classic tale of Minamoto-Kun Monogatari~

This chapter was brought to you by Glasses-Kun (Translator) and Kei (Editor of Soda Scan). I’m just uploading the pages like these ahead, for those who want to read the chapter ASAP. For those who want to read the chapter as a whole, I would recommend waiting for Batoto to host the chapter that Kei sent them.

*Edit: Find full chapter version here










Hope you enjoyed.

Your comment/support–>motivation->TL speed

-If you have a question or just want to casually chat, feel free to join the Discord Group Chat for Soda Scan here  (making an account takes less than a min). I’m active there most of the time.

#Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter so that you guys can know when I upload/complete the translation and also know more about what’s going on. I’m usually more active on twitter.

#If you guys enjoy the translation, please leave a comment/support below or on MyAnimeList(Tell me what series you are following if possible). Any support would be greatly appreciated. It seriously gives me so much motivation and helps with accelerating my translation speed.



  1. AWWWW Glasses-kun!! I had no idea that you featured me. ;__; Thank you!! I just read your latest blog post. Even if you don’t continue to blog, hopefully we will chat on Twitter. ^^

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey glasses kun you are doing a great job here.this series is awesome and really interesting also plot wise but it has been translated only till chapter 219 can you please pickup this series from there..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Deuce, glad to hear you are enjoying my translation. Thank you for your kind support.

      I’m actually a staff of Mangazuki (MZ), which is the team that is officially translating the series. However, another group in MZ is doing this series. This group will be the one continuing from chapter 219.

      The only reason why I started to translate from Ch262 is because that’s where my favorite girl arc starts. Also, as unbelievable as this might sound, we can still enjoy this character arc, despite having 50+ chapters skipped. I also know that the other team will probably take a long time to get this far. Therefore, I am just translating from this chapter for whoever interested.

      If you have any question or a point you want to discuss, feel free to do so. It’s quite late now, so I’m going off to sleep. If there’s a part unexplained properly, it’s prob because I’m quite drowsy. I hope for your kind understanding….good night..


  3. Pretty sure that Food porn has its own exclusive meaning since taste is part of the food. Otherwise ‘Anything-porn’ is just a way of saying that thing is beautiful beyond artistically exceptional!

    I sure have stepped down to just be low profile since I’m about to start a new journey. Can’t say much about it yet until it really happens lol

    Speaking of Saekano, final volume hits the stores in October.
    Say yes, Megumi! 😢

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love Izzy, so fun to talk to. He tolerates most of my randomness, and actually carries the conversation forward, lol. He’s busy with school, but I’m sure he’ll pop back up. We chat in discord too. We have a small group going, and Shoka is actually there too.
    and lol, you’re making me blush~ again, thank you. I actually remember that pedophilia post, and that’s when i promised to comment of five blogs a day lol. i only realized now it was your post, lol. and my reviews needs more work too. i’m my worst critic.
    so glad you’re enjoying your translation duties. let’s both keep it up *thumbs up*

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I was wondering whether any of the five people would ever read this post. I’m glad to know that at least you did. *Phew*

      Izzy is a cute nickname. I remember seeing you banter with him often in the comment section, so that’s also how I got to know him.

      Commenting on five blogs a day? Man, I’m not sure how you are still not burned out. That dedication is godly. I’ve seen many ppl stop blogging after a few posts or a month. Even after having followed you for 2yrs, we are still not even halfway there with thousands reviews. Ahhhhhhh……


      1. It’d be cool if that cosplayer actually commented lol. You’ll have to settle w/ me.

        Yup. He’s a cool guy. Wish he starts getting active again soon.

        Oh i no longer do the 5 comment a day thing since i have some blogs i regularly follow. And i did burn out. Went away for a year and then came bacl just dis year lol
        And i’ll get there. No hurry. XD

        Liked by 2 people

        1. I highly doubt she will. We do occasionally chat on twitter, so it’s fine. I’m just satisfied with the fact that this post was somehow able to reach your screen.

          Yeah, you made a right choice about not doing the 5 comments a day. However, I prob should begin to pay more attention to other bloggers. Time to check the list of bloggers available on Karandi’s blog.

          Liked by 2 people

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