1. Thanks for the work glasses-kun. I was just wondering why you don’t upload to batoto. I believe batoto allows you to use ads from google adsense so you can essentially monetize your work for scanlating.

    Mangaupdates doesn’t show that you’ve done the work either. I do recommend just popping by and updating the entries (it’s a community effort to track down whether works have been scanlated and how far the scanlations have gone.)

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    1. No prob, thanks for your support. I don’t upload chapters on batoto because…not sure why either. Probably because I’m not that used to batoto…or…yeah, I’m not too sure why. I simply don’t feel compelled to share on batoto for some reasons. I usually leave it to some of my kind/collaborative readers to promote/share the chapters online.

      Also, I think scanlation teams stopped being able to earn revenue in that way a long time ago. Check this link for more info: http://forums.sensescans.com/index.php?topic=3359.0


    1. I’m happy+glad to hear that you enjoyed it. Now, you can have even more confidence+self-appreciation, as your skills are in demand by hundreds of scanlation groups out there. And can indirectly help thousands of ppl out there happy. Cheers.


  2. Good luck with all your projects and thanks for your translations. Not sure if you know this already but Another Secret has an official version on EN Lezhin called “An Uncomfortable Truth” if you weren’t aware.

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      1. Really?? Actually I just finished reading Tomodachi Game today and was sad that there weren’t any new updates, so I’m glad to know that you’ll be translating it! (I’m also reading your Real Account series, can’t wait for the next part to be uploaded)

        Also, thank you for all your hard work, esp since you’re doing all this voluntarily!

        If you need any help on the 2 series I’m totally up for it, since I want the next chapters to be out asap XDD (even though i have 0 experience, but if you need anything done maybe i can learn to help in a way??? idk i just really want to read the next chapters >.<)

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        1. I’m glad to hear you enjoy the two series I am translating. Thank you for your support; I really appreciate it.

          -For information regarding Tomodachi Game Translation, you can refer to my response to Kulekxd below.

          -Real Account: Ch127 came out recently…so I basically have 64 chapters to go until I can catch up….rip. Unfortunately, Mangazuki determined not to pick up Real Account due to overwhelming amount of redrawing, and I don’t blame them. I tried to join and ask for Fallen Angel Scan’s help with Real Account; FAS is the group that scanlates boku no hero academia, trinity seven, haikyu, etc. However, they also refused due to the amount of redrawing.

          And having two major scanlation groups both refuse to pick up Real Account…….shows how much of a heavy task it is. So I will prob go back to translating,cleaning and typesetting it independently. I might skip some lengthy dull parts and provide succinct summaries for them instead.

          and also thank you very, very, very much for your offer to help. I really appreciate it. If you can help out with either cleaning/typesetting, that would boost 30-50% of the update speed for Real Account II. It’s fine even if you don’t have any experience; I also had zero experience two months ago.

          To help, you can join Soda Discord(making a discord account takes a min), learn how to do one of these two roles from one of the staffs(they are friendly/bubbly ppl), and help out with Real Account. My cleaning skill is pretty crude, so teaching it would take maybe 3-5 min? I’m not sure how long it will take with other staffs, but it won’t prob be that long. I introduced one guy who was interested, and he became an active cleaner staff in a day or two.

          I will skip parts that are needlessly difficult to clean/redraw, so no need for concern. You just need photoshop and curiosity. And after getting the hang of it, we can collaborate on this project together, whenever you have time.

          Once again, thanks for the offer. I really appreciate it and I hope you have a nice day.


        1. Yeah, I picked it up with MZ and already translated the next chapter. However, the head Korean translator of MZ wants to check my translation accuracy before allowing any further of my translation projects to be uploaded on MZ. So until he finds the time to check the accuracy, our team can’t proceed ahead with uploading a new chapter. And the things is….he is rarely online. So I honestly don’t know when we will be able to upload it. If this goes for too long, I will request your help. Thank you very much for your kind offer.

          -With real account, I kinda explained everything about the current circumstance in the comment above. Until I find a willing cleaner and a typesetter, I will prob chill.


          1. I don’t have photoshop or anything, but I do have SAI and I think I will be able to clean the chat bubbles~ ^^ So if you want, I will volunteer to be the cleaner~!

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    Ah~ This was refreshing. Damn, my perverted mind… I can’t help but wait for a hen- *mana version*
    *Clears throat* What are you looking at? You surely misread my words. Don’t think about perverted things all the time! You pervert!

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