1. I know that there is spoiler, but at least could you add it with the warning? and the flashback will be nice to have a view of “which” flashback it is

    I saw most of the raw from before chapt 261, so I know someone else did the same and we will appreciate the full 262 chapter even with spoilers and flashbacks.


  2. I’ve done some cleaning(really basic stuff) and typesetting for shitposts, it’s super fun, especially typesetting, as it’s a bit easier imo. Might get back to typesetting if there is demand and if I have time!


  3. You are absolutely right 🙂

    Typesetters and Cleaners are amazing as well behind the Translators 🙂 good luck for all of you and thanks for the hard work !!

    Sure thing to give it a shot and learn from it to be able to help 🙂

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  4. Thanks for the insight! Indeed, we often throw our gratitude mostly to Translators while somehow neglecting other contributors. Yeah, I think they are quite under appreciated because the general common sense states that it’s the role of the translator to be the main one, while in reality, each member of a group is necessary.

    Then again, I might be used to Light Novels where I believe the only roles are Translator and Editor, so I’m not knowledgeable about Manga, or even Anime’s groups’ roles (or rather, I think I know some names, but never really understood fully each role).

    Well, typesetter and cleaner seems to require less time to learn, so I might as well give it a shot. Though it would be nice to acquire some new skills, reality is bound to get in the way.

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  5. Oh cool. Extremely belated thank you for Highschool of the dead, Omamori himari and most importantly Angel Beats. If it weren’t for you, I’m sure countless people would not have been able to enjoy watching certain stories, characters and etc…

    I can easily see how almost nobody would express his/her thanks to the encoder after downloading the files. Thank you very much for having spent your valuable time and effort on such unrewarding job for the community. We really appreciate it.

    Just out of curiosity, how long does the work take for one episode? And does the work time differ for different qualities, such as 360, 720 and 1080P?

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    1. Thanks! And for me just being in the credits was/is enough, just knowing that my work is out there is what helps me sometimes when I’m down.

      And is just until you are inside of the thing you like most is when you understand all of the work other people has being doing so far and how sometimes is under-appreciated but still they continue to work because is not just what other people love, is what they love too and then you understand that and start to live by.

      Q: how long does the work take for one episode?
      A: Justs for encode depends on the specs of your PC, back in the days I had a laptop with an i3 (don’t remember the model) and like 8 GB of ram, so it was like even 18 hrs of render time that you can’t pause neither stop because that could mess the final encode and you will have to start all over again, and it was because of the filters we applied to the raw and the process it takes to do it.

      Q: And does the work time differ for different qualities, such as 360, 720 and 1080P?
      A: Yes it does. The lower the resolution the less process it needs in the pixels by frame, so creating a 360 file could take just like 3-4 hrs vs 1080 that could be 24 hrs (with older specs)

      Now I have a better pc but currently not using it to encode, unfortunately (mostly because of time) 😦

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      1. That seems… savage. I mean, i3 and 8GB of ram is considered old? Whelp, mine has those very same specs…

        By the way, wouldn’t want to sound dumb, but what exactly encoding means? Or rather, would you mind enlightening this low leecher about the process of fansubbing? I remember being translators, editors, typesetters and encoders. But I never really clearly understood what the latter did, I mean, wouldn’t creating the sub files (.ass) and use it on a raw be enough?

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        1. hahaha sorry, I’m not saying it is old to have an i3, I’m saying the one that I had was old, not everyone needs +8 cores and +8 threads 😛

          Well, for the main part of the encode it is to merge the raw + audio + subs but sometimes the raw is not good enough and there is no other to find so what you do is to test some fiters to improve the quality to some level. Also, at least in our side, was included the animation of the OP and ED, there is also the insert at an specific frame/time of the translation for some panel that you need to show, like when you are translating the name of the shop or something like that, so at the end you have a file that you have to create to tell when the OP starts + the animation for the fansub + the title of the chapter (if needed) + the start of the chapter + any other panel needed + Ed + post ed scenes and to all of this the sync of the audio and the subtitles.

          And this process is done like 3 times, the first time is for preQC, which tells the translator/typesetter how the animation goes so it could use some color or font type for that case, then the QC encode to see if everything is ok because sometimes there is the case when the audio is out of sync or a frame was bad and we have to fix it, and at the end it is the final encode, the one that is shared with the final resolution.

          At least that was in our case, sure can be done easily but the leader didn’t like it that way xD

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          1. Many Thanks for the deep insight and explanation over the process. I’ve always wondered why fansub groups created their own version of the video source, when raws were out and you could just create subtitles files. But I suppose it isn’t that simple in reality.

            Then again, even without that, creating subs itself is something that requires great efforts. Not to mention, with Anime typesetter have to keep in mind the moving animation factor, so it’s harder.

            Really, my gratitude to you and all fansub groups out of here. Though as of lately, with so many streaming simulcast platforms (pfffff, Netflix), the role of fansubber has been somehow downgraded I believe.

            Your leader is a good man then, being nitpicking is something I see in a very positive light.


  6. Working as an encoder for anime in the past, I truly understand what you’re saying. Thanks for all of your hard work.

    If you could re-upload Minamoto-kun 210 & 211 will be nice,, if not, then it’s ok. I saw the raws from 212 – 259, but if you could explain what happened in 250 will be great.

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    1. Oh, how was it? An experience of an encoder for anime is not a story one can often hear, so I’m pretty interested in it.

      I will go back to re-uploading them when I complete this chapter. Or I might do both at the same time. Regarding chapter 250, I will make sure to include in the explanation for it in the summary.

      Thanks a lot for the support. It’s strongly appreciated.

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      1. As an experience it was one of the best moments I had with the fansub, great moments, we were like 4 in the team, it was the leader which was the one finding the raws and organizing the stuff, the translator/timmer, the qc, and 2 enconders, due to the limitations of my pc I was in charge of the 720P since it was taking me like 12-18 hrs of render time to get it, and it was painful when there was a qc issue related and had to re-do all over again.

        We had already some presets to use, but sometimes we went and tried to improve the image just a little bit with the features we had. It was nice to give our own touch to the final product.

        Just have in mind our mojo was “slowly but surely” 😛 we prefer to have a nice job instead of a fast one since we didn’t had the time for both

        Unfortunately the forum where we were born is no longer and some of our work is still out there somewhere, a few of the projects I was involved includes “Angel Beats”, “Highschool of the Dead”, “Aki Sora (some ova I guess)”, “Bikini Warriors”, “Dance in the Vampire Bund”, “Omamori Himari”, those are the ones that I can remember. We never finished “Black Bullet” and “Sora no otoshimo – Eternal My Master”

        Anything else just ask 😉

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