1. Sure.
      1.What’s exciting is that soon…
      2.The SNS Hell that has been waiting
      3.Ohhhhh we beg of you—!!
      4.We don’t want to die!!!
      5.Ayame san…!
      6.The first game—
      7.”Walking Smartphone Maze”

      And just another update here. Currently translation and cleaning for Ch64 and 65 are done. The reason why chapters are not uploaded yet is because the soda scan’s leader—Coke—is working on all of the challenging redraws.


  1. Hey, thanks for the shoutout, appreciate ya.

    It wasn’t that much of a hassle, I just needed to open the files in PS to make them normal sized, otherwise they were too small. Rather, thanks for picking up Real Account, it’s a lot of fun and it’s pretty interesting!

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  2. hey man, you’re the one who’s taking time from everyday literally just for our pleasure. it’s seriously a shame there aren’t as many people showing their appreciation, but I’m absolutely sure they do 🙂 If you don’t mind, can I link these new RA updates to Reddit so more people know it’s being updated? The only way I found your website was some obscure japanese forum board, and I think it’d help your website as well as show people that RA scans are alive.

    Also, thanks so much for the new Real Account updates!

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    1. Thank you a lot for your kind support. I really appreciate it. If I received more support like this, my motivation wouldn’t take a dip so often. I cannot express how meaningful this kind of comment is. If you are willing to share them on Reddit, that would be very nice of you. And eh? My website was mentioned on ‘some obscure japanese forum board’? lol, I had no idea. That’s cool I guess. May I have a link to that site?


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