1. Yes please continue with BSM! I’d love to read how the manga continues.
    For the chapters updates, you could try using imgur with all the pics from the ch. in an album so you just share here the link.

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  2. So that means you are going to re-upload the Minamoto-kun 210 and 211? I will really appreciate, and pretty sure a lot of us 😉

    Sorry, it was added in a different thread first, but it was supposed to be here :S


      1. Sir please tell me if you will also cover the rest chapters in between 219 to 262.
        I really love the series and without the rest chapters we will not understand what is going on.
        And even 1 target will be missing in between these chapters.
        Thx for hard work and keep it up


  3. Yes, please translate the first three Minamoto, BSM, Real account. Also If you want to choose any new manga then please choose from Ao on exorcist, Btooom, Blood lad and Denpa kyoshi. They are not updated for so long. The mangas listed in the poll are not drop so please don’t pick which are updated regularly or which are not drop.The details on the update of manga listed in the poll. Option 1 updated 40 days ago, Option 3rd is completely scanlated ( except its sequel) and Option 4th updated today and are updated regularly. Thanks and please consider.

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