HnG EP4 Rambling: Kashii, Deviations once again, Pace and Kashii

*Note: This Episode Rambling will be longer than previous ramblings*

Remember that time when we all finished reading Chapter 37? We were in pretty good moods, and I’m pretty sure many of us were all like,”Banzai! Cheers! Now we know how the adaptation is going to end! Happy Ending for Junichi X Yame san!”

I was certain too. Sure, some changes might be inevitable, considering the length of the show (10 episodes long). And they happened. Just as we have all foreseen.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.23.16 AM.png

Except that the deviations were much more drastic than any of us could have possibly anticipated.

After having seen the extent of these deviations in the first three episodes, I was a bit worried about how the studio NAZ had handled the episode 4, which focuses on Kashii arc(A.K.A. Glasses-Kun’s Favorite Arc+Reason/Motivation for him to have spent hours to translate Ch31-37 on Photoshop). Just a tiny bit…yep, just a bit. It’s not like I don’t believe in Studio NAZ. I mean that studio did pretty good projects like….*checks and scrolls through its MAL page*…like…well, taste is subjective, so I won’t say anything. There is no such thing as a bad show, I daily tell myself. It’s just that some shows don’t pique our interests.

And seeing tweets like these certainly didn’t ameliorate the foreboding feeling I had at the back of my mind.

Screen Shot 2017-08-03 at 12.49.03 PM.png

#Gratitude To My Twitter Followers For Warning Me…

Nevertheless, after several years of spending time with these mediums of storytelling (Manga/Anime) that are unfortunately seen with strong social prejudice, I came to learn that one should not rashly judge or make assumptions. So I prepared myself mentally and went in to battle field. To see the studio’s adaptation, decisions and depiction of Kashii. I read Aho Girl, and for those who are unfamiliar with the name, it basically means my mind is ready for any surprise or whatsoever.



And I got KOed quickly.


I feel as if first three episodes have been preparing me for this episode… Surprisingly, I felt less bittersweet/sour about the deviations than I had expected. I guess somewhere deep inside, I had already expected huge deviations.


But man, shoving 7 chapters worth of content(About 140 pages) into one episode? Has such thing ever been done before? I think it’s unprecedented; wow, cheers to Studio Naz. The pacing was absolutely avant-garde. Nene arc, which was supposed to happen before Kashii’s arc and build up the tension+develop characters+their relationships, completely flew out of the window. 

While I was watching the episode, my face was—most of the time—like Leulouch’s in the gif above. Because at this point, I had absolutely no idea of how this show was going to end. The chapter 37, which we thought we would see on either episode 9 or episode 10, was finished on episode 4. Studio Naz completely caught the manga readers like us off guard. The shopping Scene? Kashii blushing at the mall scene? The park scene? The slap scene? The make-up kiss scene?Even the conversation about the trip between Yame and Junichi, which prepares the setting and the story for chapter 38-39 in manga, flew out of the window too. It’s as if story devices in HnG suddenly came to life in reality; they are all, one by one, flying out of the window. Wow…it’s tragically beautiful. 

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 2.40.00 AM.png

I’m not sure if it’s because I already read the manga, but I didn’t feel much emotions when seeing Kashii Kawaii Explosion this time. This shows again, as you probably all understand already, how important gradual character development is.

Now, let’s get to more shorter ramblings~

-Minoru. I honestly don’t know why I bring myself to talk about him in my episode ramblings. He is probably a minor character that nobody cares about….well, I guess that might be the reason why I care. Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.23.09 AM.png

At this point, rather than the actual show itself, I am more curious about how the studio is going to boost Minoru’s Lolicon Character in the next episode. I feel like I’ve witnessed more of his growth as a lolicon than any growth from Junichi, Yame or anyone. Every episode, I think, “There’s no way the studio can up his lolicon points.” And Studio NAZ has been surprising me with what it can achieve….

-I was a bit surprised to see that Studio NAZ took out the whole 2D rambling from Glasses-Kun (Not me. The one in the show), when Keigo showed Boa to him. Well, I guess it means that Glasses-Kun took a step closer to being a decent human/ functional member of society. So good for him.

I didn’t expect him and other buddies to show up along with Ranko at the rooftop to save Junichi from Kashii though. When I saw the four shadows, I was like,”W-wait, is it ‘them’?” I guess that was pretty considerate/cool of them. In the adaptation, they’ve been usually portrayed as slightly douche to the MC, so this is a nice refreshing change. While this situation worked out for the show, I don’t think it necessarily would have for the manga though. Just because the circumstance in manga is illustrated as more serious/heavy, whereas the situation in the adaptation just seems…bizarre/absurd.

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.25.35 AM

*This is prob the only scene in the whole series, in which Glasses-Kun will appear suave.

-Ranko. Surprisingly, I’m coming to like her as a character thanks to the adaptation. The EDM in Ranko-arc based episode during her first appearance was pretty G.

-Kashii. It’s a bit of a shame that the studio didn’t include in scenes for stuffs that reflect her psychological state. Like this one:

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 1.22.42 AM.png

And I only have one other thing to say regarding her character. Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 12.15.47 AM.png

I actually didn’t notice that the thing tying her hair was a snake-like hair rubber band. If it weren’t for a comment in the MAL discussion forum, I prob wouldn’t realized it anytime soon. I think the adaptation made the hair rubber design stand out more than the author did in the manga. I guess the design supposedly reflects Kashii’s sly and cunning nature. That’s a nice detail…


And Glasses-Kun’s HnG Episode 4 rambling ends here! I believe that the next episode will focuse on Nene, and man….I’m willing to bet that they are going to shove the entire Nene arc into that one episode too. I guess the rest of the show (5 episodes) will probably have Ch38-39 and a beach episode. But to be frank, with what we’ve seen so far, only studio NAZ and the author know what direction the studio is going towards.

How do you guys feel about the episode, the adaptation and what’s going to happen afterward in the second half of this show?

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  1. ….I’m equally destroyed at seeing how my only ray of hope… in that landscape of meat that supposedly hold men’s hopes and wishes… turned like that in such a rushed way. As for the lightining like pacing…. I was already far too used to it with how LN and VN are treated, and now manga too? Ahhh, original source if best after all.

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  2. Hmmm… nice rant, I definitely feel like the show is ramming and skipping a lot of content in episodes, like with the kashii arc, character introductions.
    For me, Nene’s arc is definitely my favorite in the manga and I do hope that they at least do chapter 28, but seeing as the main conversation of that whole chapter has been kinda blurred into Nene’s interactions with Junichi in previous episodes it’s kinda questionable and character in the anime just doesn’t seem like a character to do that due to the interaction going from the cute little sister tsundere to boom semi-yandere, and I get the feeling that the Nene arc is gonna be jumpled into 1 episode too but ech.

    I honestly have no idea what manga content is gonna be in the next 6 episodes, I don’t know if you’ve read eromanga-sensei or watched it, but I think that adaptation got really well done, even though I haven’t even read the manga adaptations of the last few episodes.

    But the main thing tho… if we take into consideration that they’re doing the Nene arc next episode, they’ve still kinda skipped over like what, 15 chapters leading up to the Nene arc in the first place ._. Better not be skipping that Pool arc tho. and I don’t get why they hopped over lot of the early chapters with Yame interaction which has made the anime bleh to a lot of the manga readers ya know? The main reason as to why episode 4 feels so bizzare is definitely because the content skipped in those early chapters is what made Junichi serious about Yame, but them being skipped n going straight to the Kashii arc where he is like serious about Yame it’s like lolwathow after 1 legit date and shopping, but with Ranko….

    *Sigh* sorry for ranting too Teehee, maybe I should make my own wordpress n rant about this myself *giggle*

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    1. I read the translation of Eromanga sensei for the first few volumes a year before the adaptation came out. And I was pretty happy with the show’s faithfulness to the original material. As expected of A1 studio.

      Another matter I’m thinking about is the author’s opinion on the adaptation himself. After seeing how much complaints the readers have been voicing about the show, I wonder how the author feels himself.


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