BSM Ch 32 (Eng T.)

Hello, this is Glasses-kun here.

So before we start, I need to say something about BSM project. For Ch32 and Ch33, I am not going to translate everything. The reason is because these are what I would call ‘tedious chapters to translate’. There’s a lot of talking…and I personally don’t feel motivated to translate them all. So to make up for it, I just wrote brief summaries of the pages/content I omitted below. I personally wanted to start translating from end of Chapter 33 and onward, because that’s when the new arc starts. That’s also when a new interesting character gets introduced; he is like what Kashii-san from Hajimete no Gal series was to me. A character that motivated me to translate the raws to a certain extent. Still, I thought it would be quite not right to omit some chapters completely. Therefore, I am only going to translate some parts of these chapters (32 and 33). I hope for your kind understanding on this matter.

So yeah, let’s get back to the flashback. As I said before, it should be done around the end of Ch33.

#The page number doesn’t indicate the actual page of the chapter. Just the number of my translation page

*Summary: Narukami Koharu is from a legendary family that consists of extremely skilled swordsmen+swordswomen. She is basically the strongest of the school who travels overseas and visits different schools; Koharu occassionally drops by her own school. She is also likely the older sister of the rabbit-looking girl with red eyes (This is implied later on through her dialogue in the next ch). After recognizing Koharu, Amou grabs onto her clothes and threatens her, stating that many people are after her head. So the situation is like this, as shown on the page below.


*Summary: Koharu then calls Amou’s behaviour adorable and explains how she saw through Amou’s intention behind her violent acts. Koharu states how she knows that Amou wants to be disposed of, because she cannot stand the thought of being unable to spends days with Nomura normally in the future due to everything that happened. Hence, she wants to disappear from the school. Before proceeding to further discussion, Koharu retaliates against Amou for attacking her. Basically, this happens.







Pg7 (Untranslated: Koharu figures out how to penetrate Amou’s flesh, and Amou is startled by how Koharu was able to get through her skill Auto Counter.)

After that, Amou’s actual punishment is given: she is transferred to another school. It is called ‘The Private Hokkai Symbiosis Academy’  

The next chapter is basically all talking, so expect more summaries. There is one part I will translate, and it has to do with Amou. The part is a bit…sweet. So yeah, please do leave a comment below if you want to read more. That and your support are always greatly appreciated.

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  1. A part of me is really greedy and wants to read the whole chapter but the rest it’s still saying thanks for the translation and keep it coming please!

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