Busou Shoujo Machiavellianism (From where anime ends at)

Glasses: “Okusama ga Seito Kaicho or Busou Shoujo machiavellianism……that is the question….*sees Mac_Tgh’s comment below the translation request post*

Busou Shoujo it is.”

Me: As the title implies, I’m going to start from where anime stopped. Manga-wise, that would be from Ch32. But before starting with Ch32, I needed to include in last 3 pages from Ch31 to make sure the story flows right. Basically, Ch31 explains what was happening at the school during MC Nomura’s hospitalization (this chapter was not in the anime, but I didn’t bother to translate because it’s basically girls going tsun tsun dere dere. I ain’t spending my free time to translate 10+ pages of that). Another thing you need to know is that it’s currently a flashback, and it will explain why Amou is leaving the school.

So yeah, let’s get back to girls with weapons and the start of a new arc(which I think might have pretty good potential.


Meow 2

Meow 3

I will prob do the next chapter, but please do leave a comment below if you want to read more. That and your support are always greatly appreciated.

See the next part here

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  1. It’s principal Glasses-kun not principle. Many people always get that wrong along with “Then” and “Than”.


  2. Thanks for translating BSM manga. I really want to read it. I hope if you can manage please translate Ocha nigosu and Seto hanayome manga. Both are having Last 7-8 chapters. Seto has 3 chapters missing (34-36). Also translate Tona-gura manga. I love the anime show and want to read but it is stop on 54 chapters. There are only five volume left. Thanks.


  3. Hey there! There were some great options for your next translation work. BSM is a great manga so I’m keen for your future releases. Any chance Okusama will get some love too? 🙂
    Keep it up!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh i knew i should have said okusama on the request on the comment section after that one post. I know olusama was in the lead so… I didn’t think i needed too. I’m not sure if you will still do it but will wait until it is finally translated.


  5. I want to really thank you for all the work you’ve done with HnG and now starting with BSM because I really liked the anime and wanted to read the manga.

    One thing I wanted to know is if you (in the future not necessarily close) will continue from where The Cat Scans left at chapter 15.

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    1. Thanks, that’s great to hear. For a translator, it’s always motivating to hear that someone wants to read the manga that you are translating. I just wish more readers would leave behind some comments.

      Hmm, I was thinking about that too. To be frank, I can’t give an answer at this point. The manga art is pretty dope sometimes, and I don’t think the anime managed to express the same level of awesomeness in terms of art. So I might. However, at the same time, the anime covered the manga chapters, so I might not.

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    2. Another thing I forgot about is if you need some help with cleaning the speech bubbles I can help with that, I anin’t a pro with this of redrawing but sure can help somehow all for your sake!


      1. Thanks for the offer! Usually, I can manage cleaning the speech bubbles so it’s g for now. If I ever encounter a difficulty with cleaning one speech part for this series, I will make sure to ask for your opinion on how to handle it.

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