The Reality of Manga Websites That Only Translators Can Really See

Glasses: “Just a short intermission between HnG Ch37 pt.2 and pt.3. This is because the human I am wearing keeps messing up this one particular page when cleaning the speech bubbles. While erasing texts on this one beautiful page, he keeps accidentally erasing Junichi’s hair too….”

*Edit: I was meant to post this before Pt.3 but my glasses and I fucked up. Welp

Me: Well, that too. But also because I wanted to share some information regarding the manga websites that we all tend to use. Some interesting information that you might not have been aware of.

So I didn’t actually know about this too much until I experienced ‘it’ myself and my bro in Mangazuki explained more about ‘it’. Basically, to translator groups, the manga-library-like websites, such as Mangahere and Kissmanga, are known as ‘aggregation websites’.

This is because they use bots to scan for new chapters online, steal them without permission from the translator groups, and then put up these chapters on their own websites. The admins of these aggregation websites then get crazy number of views and then use this number to attract many advertisement offers. Basically, the admins don’t do any work themselves besides from choosing advertisements to accept money from;  in fact, they don’t even check the comment sections. Although this method is not really virtuous, it is pretty smart, I will give them that. Smart, quick, easy but a dick way to earn money.

Also, just in case any translator group tries to comment their link in the comment section to share the previously mentioned information or to promote their group, admins immediately use bots to detect these kinds of comments and prevent them from being seen. How thoughtful of them.

Moreover, because the bots are not really perfect, sometimes the chapters are not ‘borrowed’ completely (as many of you might have seen already with my HnG chapters on some websites). As a result, the translators and the website admins are the ones blamed. Not only this, some people leave complaints on the original translation groups’ websites, saying that they are generally slow in comparison to other stealing websites. Online hating/complaints can hurt, especially when you are dedicating hours of your free time without any payment or whatsoever. As a result, several series get dropped. That’s basically one of the main reasons why some manga series you read suddenly stop getting translated.

And this is pretty much all I’ve experienced/learned through what? Just 6-7 chapters of one eechi romance manga. Imagine the pain of official translation teams who have to do 100+ projects out there.


 Just to clarify, t’s not like I’m telling you to stop using these websites. Despite being a translator myself, I use Kissmanga often. What I wanted to do was to raise some awareness. If you guys see complaints/hating comments on other ‘aggregation websites’, you guys can be informed, share this knowledge with others and express your support/thanks to the translators. Through this simple act, you can help the manga community’s environment to be more friendly towards the translation teams and independent translators out there.

By doing so, you could possibly lower the risk of your or other people’s favorite series being dropped and just make someone out there feel happy. Who knows? Maybe more mangas might get translated.

And that’s why I wish to request this of you. Let’s be nice and respectful to each other.


With all that said, let’s proceed to the finale of Ch37.

Find out more stuff+rambling about myself here


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  1. This entire statement right here has definitely reached out to a lot of people, including me. I will be deleting my bookmarks from those sites right away >.> Jokes on them though, I use ad blocker. I’ve been studying Japanese, so that at one point I can help translate as well, and this has been very enlightening, so thanks for that.

    Also, I know you probably already know this, but half of those people talking crap, are those who have barely bothered to learn the english language at all, and then are quick to assume they are entitled to said chapters. Honestly, for most of those people, ignorance is bliss, as long as they get what they want. Now I’m not going to say that EVERY single person who barely knows english is bad, but I’ve seen some of the worst comments from them alone. Keep on moving, you have the support of everyone here, myself included now :3

    Also, if it isn’t too much trouble, would you mind passing me the pages for the other translators? I have a huge manga list, and I doubt google would help me properly find them.

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    1. Thank you for your support. I really appreciate it. According to the blog stat, this apparently reached out to 2178 people, so I feel pretty accomplished with it. Hopefully, these 2178 people can help the manga community be more supportive towards the original translators than the aggregation sites and lower the hating/condescendingly demanding attitude in the comment sections. They are what I would like to call ‘turn-off’ readers who just kill my motivation to translate. It is thanks to considerate and thoughtful people for like you that I still translate.

      From what I’ve seen, it seems like many translation groups have somewhat given up on retaliating against these sites, and I don’t blame them. I think I’ve only seen one instance of Ash (one of the top 3 staffs at Mangazuki) explaining this to a reader, and that was when the reader was being an extremely disrespectful d***.

      And yeah, that’s another thing. It can be quite troubling to find the original translator groups. When you search for your manga series, only these ‘aggregation sites’ will pop up. Rarely does the original translation group pop up. What makes it even harder is the crazy high number of translation groups. I attached the link to different translation groups below.

      For instance, almost nobody would have reached here, if I didn’t mention myself in the Kissmanga comment sections. And now because of that, as I tweeted a few days go, I am banned on Kissmanga. To be specific, I am unable to access Hajimete no Gal section from Chapter 36. Lol rip. They use me until they see no use for me, and they just block me. How kind of them. After this overall experience, I follow the original translation groups. However, for some manga works, I have no choice but to rely on these aggregation sites for now. Grr.

      Hopefully, I can spread more awareness with this post. At this point, I am even thinking that it is possible that the bots are just not ripping the translation credit pages. And yeah, that’s pretty much all for my rambling. Glasses signing out~


  2. Thank you so much for your hard work. I know how hard it is to do what you’re doing. Without you, I will not be able to read to have access to this fun manga. Hugs from Brazil ❤

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    1. Thank you for your support. Fyi, Kissmanga banned me from accessing HnG chapter 37 on their site right after ripping it off from me as usual. So rip. It’s like they use me for their convenience and toss me away when they see no more use of me.


  3. Thanks man i really appreciate your work. hopefully those manga sitespost the prank page in the next update. Keep up with the good work 🙂

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  4. Hace poco llegue aca no sabía nada de lo que hacian las websites pero ahora siempre leo desde aca 😀 thanks for translated this echii manga

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  5. Yeah, there is a reason why Aggregator Sites are banned on Reddit’s r/manga (another place I heavily lurk in). There people have to link to the translator/scanlator original website or Batoto when linking chapters’ updates.

    Batoto is also a site in which numerous Mangas are hosted, but differently from others, there you have the uploader and the scanlator’s group name. Not to mention, it’s a popular one too (I think, as it’s the only one allowed on Reddit?). I checked, and the last update was until chapter 31, meaning no one has been doing that. To give yourself more credits, I suggest uploading it there and making discussion posts on r/Manga (Reddit). As bits/parts of chapters are allowed (Helck and Mob Psycho are examples).

    To be honest, I would do it myself (though I’m not actually reading the series… yet), but I’m particularly busy as of now because of Reality and its bitch-ness. As soon as I’m free, I can though (as I do the same for LN/WN updates on r/lightnovels). Never uploaded on Batoto though, so I can’t assure anything there.

    I didn’t know ASs (pun intended) used bots, should have known though. If they don’t check the stolen scans, I really would just suggest putting a random page in which you kindly say “please read this here”, “translated by a glamorous pair of Glasses-kun”, or simply watermarking them while not uploading that page when using Batoto.

    Boys, that’s some wall of text. Let me end by saying that I’m really grateful for your hard work. Although it’s somehow err… strange for me to say it as I haven’t started the series (yet?), I’m thankful and admire all those that do the Godly work of being Translators-sama. As a passive lowly leecher, have my thanks.

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    1. Typically on batoto people don’t upload other groups scanlation work unless the scanlation team explicitly states somewhere that they’re okay with re-uploads. Many have policies such as: no re-uploads until 3 days after initial release, or: only group members can re-upload on other sites. It still happens anyway sometimes where people re-upload when there’s a lack of a statement regarding uploads, but if the original scanlator does not want it on batoto they just need to reach out and it gets taken down.

      Batoto gets scanned by aggregator sites as well, so if you intend to upload a clean version of a scanlation to batoto while providing a dirty version to other sites, its going to get copied off batoto and added onto other aggregator sites so it’s pretty useless unless you leave the dirty page inside the batoto copy. Most people are aware of aggregator sites though, so they just add a credits page at the end or beginning of their scans indicating which group scanned it and who did what; the sites kind of just grab all the images in a chapter so slipping in credits pages is how most groups go about it.

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      1. I see. Thanks for the information, I’m not a scanlator so these details were unknown to me. Now that you say it, I think I did indeed see somewhere before such rules stated by the scanlator groups. If I’m going to upload them, I’ll properly ask Glasses-kun. Though, Batoto has mangazuki’s version up to the 29th chapter, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with other version (as Mangazuki is up to the 35th as of now), right?

        Yeah, your idea is far better. It’s the best solution in my opinion, as you get credits pretty much for sure.


        1. Would you mind if I start addressing you as Izanagi Senpai? I just find it more convenient. Of course, this is if you don’t mind.

          Also, I don’t really mind if Izanagi senpai is the one sharing. You have my full trust.

          Thanks Clyde for the information regarding Batoto. I really appreciate it. I think sometimes, credit pages don’t get fully scanned by the bots along with other pages though. But most of the time for the major translation teams, it usually works out.

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          1. S-senpai? I feel weridly happy and embarassed…

            Sure, feel free to call me however you like, to begin with the true name was only “Izanagi”. But as it’s often taken already, I used the longer “Izanaginookami” out of habit.

            Got it, thanks for the trust. Regarding credits, wouldn’t something like this work? Credits not in a different page but in one of the chapter itself. This way, unless bots automatically resize the files, you still get mentioned.

            By the way, I’ve uploaded chapter 36 on a imgur album after converting each page and then posted it on Reddit (crediting you of course). It seems they don’t find the quality bad or anything. Though I still see a lower quality compared to the original.

            I’ll post chapter 37 there as soon as I get decent Internet connection and some time. But I think I’ll firstly do something on Batoto, as there the chapter are only up to the 29th. I wonder if uploading more version of the same chapter is allowed there, as there are also mangazuki’s one.

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  6. the best thing that translator can do is build a association /guild,that will impose if some site uses your work for income,at least u could get something back,but that’s a lot of shit to impose.. kudos and thanks to all manga translators,you make my day!!!

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  7. Its been like that from a couple of years ago. But what the translators shuld do, I dont really know. I, by my part always use adblocks so I dont give revenue in most websites, and in android I use apps that load from those webs for free, soo…. I just do what is most convenient for me. 😛


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