HnG Ch37 (Eng T.) Pt.3

Glasses: “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand finale of HnG Ch37!

We’ve come so far~”

*The glasses gets lit on fire*


Me: I am guessing the anime adaptation will end on this chapter. On the other hand, the manga is still ongoing, and the volume 4 is confirmed. Hence, the raws will be out….in the future. I am not too sure about the specific date. I will most likely start translating this series again, when the raws are out. Until then, I will prob independently translate some chapters for Okusama ga Seito Kaichou and Busou shoujo; at the same time, with Mangazuki, I will prob translate Minamoto-kun and Prison lab. Yep, that’s about all. I might add a series or two more for my translation projects, as time passes. And also, sorry about the late release of pt.3. Lots of unexpected shits were assaulting me, and I was pretty down. But thanks to someone (I am sure you know who you are), I was able to recover to a certain extent and your act of kindness is greatly appreciated. I promised the person I would get this part released out by tonight in my timezone, and I kept my words~ Banzai~!

SO Let’s Get Back To Gyaru~!

*Edit: Reddit page and Imgur Page of Chapter 37



Pg15 (Insert tongue slurping sound. I ain’t going to translate that)




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    1. Np. Lol yeah, I am aware of it dw . It’s just that I am not bothered to spend more time to make it more polished like people at Mangazuki. Just difference in dedication level, I suppose.


  1. Volume 4 actually already came out (and is up to Ch 37), and to the dude who asked, raws (in Korean) usually come out in sets of two. One usually at the end of the month and one at the beginning (in my experience). But thank you so much for translating! I appreciate all your hard work since I love this manga!

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  2. So now yame and Junichi have made up, I hope we can see their relationship progress without too much drama for a bit. Plus, we still need to know Yame’s backstory and why she came to love Junichi so much.
    And about Kashi…seems she’s falling for Junichi for real. it will be interesting.


  3. is this the ending? why i feel high and dry? DAMMMM! thanks a lot glasses kun,you did a great job! like i said before,im dying to see the ending,im hoping the new coming volume introduces a new character,that will challenge junichi and yame,and finaly a harem for junichi & his guys?

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  4. I like Kashii’s adorable tantrums. It excellently conveys a tryhard “take me seriously” vibe that takes the piss out of her proclamation to not give up and trying to be a legit rival. I was worried a couple chapters ago with her yandere stare but with the way her failure has been handled, I feel reassured that the main couple train has no big opposition.

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  5. Once again, thank you for another great chapter. I’ve been here since you first post on MAL that you started translating, and I’m glad to be here. Thank you for all the hard work that’s put into this, and don’t let the negativity get you down. It sucks that other places steal your chapters and readers get angry at the quality, but we know all the hard work that you do! We appreciate all that you’ve done til now, and I’ll read some of your other translations sometime too! Once again, thanks!

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  6. Feels worn, but here it is: THANKS.
    I would like if there was a webiste like out there for manga translators… you could just subscribe them and everyone gets somethign of the cake.
    Does anybody know when Hng ch. 38 is printed?

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  7. what can I say apart from a big thank you for translating the series. Glad you found a way around the editing problem xD Im certainly looking forward to your future translation projects. Again, thanks for picking up this series and seeing it throughout. You did us hng fans a huge favour and hopefully it was as fulfilling to you as it was to us.

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  8. Thanks again for the release! Despite everything about the manga groups, just keep doing what you’re doing. We’re truly grateful for your selfless work so don’t let em stop you doing what you enjoy!
    Keen for the next chapter :))

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  9. Ohh i hope you are doing better. I would give you a project, that i recently heard that lost a translator, but I don’t want to overwork you. Besides i think the group translating the project will find a translator soon. I’ll update you later sometime near the end of July.


    1. What project is it? Just so that I don’t end up translating it when you guys are onto it. Seriously, I’ve seen enough of translation wars and thefts for this week…so yeah, just wanting to be extra careful.


      1. Hatsukoi Zombie. I know it has 4 raws currently left but i didn’t want to overwork you. Underdog scans is still looking for a translator. I think they are going through 4 chan to look for one. Hopefully they get someone soon.


        1. Although I appreciate your kind concern, you don’t have to worry about overworking me. If I want to do it, I will do it; on the other hand, if I don’t want to do it, I won’t do it. I am a guy with his own freedom after all.


      1. yeah I contacted them a few days ago and basically they said that they don’t have a translator at the moment. I mean I know Glasses-kun could potentially do it and finish up to the latest raw (which came out today) but I’d rather wait. I already pushed for okusama. Let’s wait together at the end of the month and if by that time there is still no translator. I’ll ask Glasses-kun for real. For now, Glasses-kun, continue what you are doing and keep your head up.


      1. BTW, you don’t take care about bad comments, this world is just too small for being aware of bad people anh their own bullshit, you’re a great guy 😉

        PS: I’m Puriso (Raw Provider for Mangazuki) XDDD

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