Hajimete No Gal Ch34 Part 1 (Eng T.)

I remember the good old days when I used to think Kashii was the best girl in this series……I still do now, but for a different reason. I guess I have a loose screw somewhere

For the last few pages of the Ch33. part 2, I accidentally uploaded the incomplete version, in which the text was not in its appropriate font size. Besides that, there is not much difference. Nevertheless, sorry and thank you to the dear readers who still read through those pages. They have been updated to their correct version now.

Once again, special thanks to those who have kindly expressed support through MAL, twitter and this blog’s comment section. If it weren’t for these people, I probably wouldn’t have had the motivation to continue. Even if it were Kaishii san. Thank you to my anon senpai, Anon#2, ignacio, zer0, skipdictator, chibishiroiryu and SpaM.

Let’s get back to gyaru

*EDIT: Well, aggregation websites ‘borrowed’ my chapters(check here for more info) and shared them on their sites. So considering the limited data storage space I have on wordpress blog, I’m going to take down the original version here. I would really appreciate it if you use mangakalot to read the chapter, as it is the only site that provides the view statistic and helps me grasp how many people I was able to help. I hope for your kind understanding and cooperation.









Find the rest in the next part

More coming up soon, so stay in tune.

#Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter or friend me on My MAL, so that you guys can know when I upload the translated version. Also, it really helps me get motivated, and I wouldn’t have come this far if it weren’t for this kind of support.



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