I watched Fairy Tail Movie: Dragon Cry. Here’s what you need to know (Both for non-manga and updated manga readers)

In our anime community, Fairy Tail is a well-known series that is perhaps almost as popular as the Big Three (Naruto, One piece and Bleach). However, some might argue that the series is not as great as it once was, due to the overuse of Nakama power for overcoming predicaments, XL-sized boobs ( which I don’t mind tbh), and no character death. That is why perhaps the second movie ‘Dragon Cry’ is not met with the equivalent level of hype that embraced the first movie. As a manga reader who is up to date with the latest chapter, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. To be frank, from the movie preview, I felt like I wasn’t going to get anything new. But after having been a part of anime community for a while, I guess I learned not to judge something too quickly without having watched it. So I gave it a try…….

                                      And it was actually enjoyable.

But there were scenes that did make me think, “Oh man, if I didn’t read the manga, I wouldn’t know what the hell I just watched.” So I thought for those who haven’t watched the movie already, I would quickly provide pieces of informations that might possibly elevate the movie experience. Of course, these details won’t spoil the movie ( I think?). Also, for those who have been up to date with the manga and want to watch the movie and those who just want to know what you could get out of the movie overall, check out the parts under the second bold underlined sentence. Those who haven’t read manga can also check it out, but…you probably wouldn’t get everything. Anyway, hope you find them helpful.

What non-manga readers need to know before watching:

*Charles the female cat can transform into a human and fight.

*This movie takes place after the end of anime timeline and before the final arc (the war against Zeref’s empire)

*During the time gap between the anime’s end and the movie, Wendy mastered her Dragon Force (read the manga for more info)

What people are missing out by not watching this movie:

*That Acnologia was once a kind-hearted dragon slayer who felt guilt and sorrow for having been unable to save some people.

*Lucy’s well-animated boobs and Erza’s well-animated boobs. The fanservice is spectacular in the beginning.

*Natsu’s E.N.D form

*Acnologia, Zeref, Invel and the green haired chick

*Fourth Generation Dragon Slayers = Artificial soliders that get their energy from lacrima

Important points:

*Stay until the end of the ending credits. There’s a 2-4 min clip that explains some parts of the movie that weren’t explained. That clip was probably the only part where it got me, “Oh wait, holy s***. Is this happening for real?”

*Movie spoiler*

It has Acnologia, Zeref, and his two subordinates: Invel and the green haired chick who controls sizes.


*Invel=Snow glasses-kun. A.K.A. Winter General

*Pray that you don’t get someone who moans behind you whenever fan-service comes up. That happened to me, and ….it is freaking disturbing.

Well, that’s all and hope that information helped~! Hope you enjoy the movie, cheers~



  1. So I want to watch this film. But the thing is I only read the manga, I didnt watch the anime. I’ve only read it until the witch/sorcerer’s grandprix. You know when they had various battles, sorcerer vs. Sorcerer and the highest point will win the tournament. So I want to ask, is it okay I watch this film? Or I won’t understand it because I haven’t read the manga enough? Thank youuu.


    1. I would recommend you to read until the end of Tartaros arc before watching the movie to get most out of it; even then, there will be a few parts you wouldn’t get. Considering where you are at, you will still be able to enjoy the movie, but not to its 100% potential. Hope that helped. It’s hard to give a more detailed response without possibly spoiling.


  2. Yo is there a link you can give or any information on where and when i can watch the movie? Also i finished the anime and read a tad bit of the manga, is it gonna spoil anything?


    1. *Throws my shame away and puts on my glasses*

      Lucy fan service:
      -I am guessing you have checked the promotional video? Well, in her revealing dancing attire, she dances really provocatively. I can’t describe it like a professional literature student, but it basically goes like this: jiggling jiggling. Get what I mean?

      -She uses gemini to make a clone of herself, and this clone seduces the bad guy while making a pretty erotic pose and sexy gestures on the bar table in front of him. Her thighs and crotch were pretty close to him; the guy gets turned on, like the dude who was sitting behind me and moaning. That was great. If I attempt to describe anymore with details, I feel like I would come across as a disgusting hentai, so I will stop here with this fan service moment

      -Lucy gets captured later, but that’s not much of spoiler. This is where you think, “Oh man, is this guy going to grope Lucy’s oppais and like ntr or smthing?” You might be going wtf, but give me a moment to explain myself. Her attire is like a slave attire. She is surrounded by cages, in which there are only women. They are all like,”Poor girl…she won’t know what’s coming.” From what we’ve seen of the bad guy, we wouldn’t be surprised if he tried to do something sexual. But it turns out he just wants to get her blood. I won’t go beyond that cuz anymore requires explanation and spoiler. Something sexual might have happened, but because I’m in Singapore now (where they are strict with sexual stuff), the cinema might have edited it out.

      Erza fan service:
      *Bunny uniform. But the bunny suit design in the movie is so far the most erotic one among the bunny suits. You see
      1. Her spectacularly animated boobs bouncing
      2. Then her ass.
      3. Her spectacularly animated boobs bouncing
      4. Her lower half from left side.
      5. Later, you see her spectacularly animated boobs from the bottom angle.
      I might have missed out or gotten the order wrong. But the quality was great, I assure you that.

      There is also an antagonistic(?) chick who claims herself to be a beautiful leg master who fights against Erza. If you maybe have leg/thigh fetish, then any battle scene that involves this brown chick might be up your alley? Well, her character design is slightly revealing/obscene so…it really depends on your standard of fan-service

      *Takes my glasses off and takes a deep breath*

      Hope this helped. Spread this knowledge. The fan-service is spectacular with this one. Genuinely.


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