Month: June 2017

HAJIMETE NO GAL CH34. (ENG T.) PT. 2 (2nd attempt)

*Glasses has healed*

Special thanks to Arrius, Previous Anon senpai, Damar, Aria, Blytz, and gedl333 for the support that helped me regain my motivation to translate again. I just read Ch37 and man……I feel like the anime might be able to make it work with 10eps…

Oh and #respect to Haikyuu OST. For anybody out there who is unmotivated and distressed by works, tests or research papers, just listen to this. It’s great.

If you enjoy this translation, please leave a comment on my blog or my MAL. It really helps me out, and I would really appreciate it. #Motivationpower

Now…Let’s get back to GYARU once again!


Voting time for Top 5 Shows of Spring 2017

So I watched the final episodes of Little Witch Academia, Alice to Zouroku and Eromanga-Sensei all at once….the combination of emptiness and the ‘feels’ is pretty tough to beat, this time. Well, that aside, let’s vote for top 5 shows of summer 2017. I took out Shingeki no Kyojin and Boku no Hero Academia, because let’s be honest….we all know they will be in top 5 obviously for good reasons.

So what were your top 5 shows of this season? (more…)